Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, big girl!

Well friends, you may have noticed that I missed the 7 month post.  Never fear, I did take pictures, I just was so busy around the thanksgiving holiday that I never got around to typing up my little love note.  As I’m posting this 8 month post, I am also posting the pics from the 7 month marker, back dated.  So feel free to scan back there and take a look at Miss O with her turkey.

But here we are… Christmas Day 2012 and Miss O is a whopping EIGHT MONTHS OLD!  I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I haven’t slept more than 4 hours consecutively in 8 months.  I can’t believe we’ve had this blessing in our lives for 8 months.  And I really can’t remember much of life before her.  Maybe that’s due to the blessing part, but I also think it might be due to the sleep part! J  I’m so excited that I waited until O was exactly 8 months old to write this, because we’ve seen amazing changes in her just over the last couple days!

O has really grown into her personality in the last week or so.  Now when she vocalizes, it’s not just to get attention or to play with her voice, she’s definitely trying to tell us something.  She calls out to someone (or something) when she wants your attention when you’re across the room.  She says “dadadadadadada” when she’s playing and she says “mamamamamama” when she’s sleepy or hungry.  When she’s exploring something new or trying to figure something out, she says “aba!”  The best part is when she can’t get her mouth and voice coordinated, so she starts to move her mouth for a “babababa” but the voice doesn’t start until the 3rd or 4th syllable.  She looks like a Japanese dubbed movie.  She also is SO excited when she sees other children, especially children that are older than her.  On Sunday she got to climb up in her Cousin, J’s lap (he’s 5 and in a wheel chair) and she just squealed and laughed and shouted at him.  She really loved it!

At around 7 months, the army crawl she was doing took on a cute personality with what we call her “peg leg.” She crawls with both forearms and the right leg, but the left leg stays sticking out straight.  Despite the 3 legged business, she’s super speedy.  Over the last week or so, she’s also trying to get up onto all 4s a little better.  She can take one or two “steps” that way, but then the belly flops back down onto the floor and she keeps going with the peg-leg army crawl.  But more exciting than that, we watched Miss O pull up to kneeling for the first time on the day that we took the 7 month pictures.  And now that we’ve hit the 8 month mark, she’s consistently pulling up on anything she can find and pulling all the way to standing!  She’s so proud of herself when she does that.

Eating continues to go well.  She’s a “baby bird” when someone tries to feed her purees, and usually eats everything she’s offered.  But I’m still not doing purees at home, really.  Grandma does them sometimes and day care does them at least once a day.  At home, we do all solid foods.  She’ll put almost any flavor in her mouth.  She LOVED the black beans with chili seasoning I gave her.  She also eats things like red and green peppers, hunks of egg or banana, and pieces of broccoli or asparagus.  Her favorite seems to be slices of cheese… a girl after my own heart.  But what I really love is that she doesn’t mind when we put exciting seasonings on things—onions and garlic with her beans, mustard on her veggies, yogurt dipped bananas.  She’s quite the adventurer when it comes to flavors.  We’ve also started offering both an open cup and a sippy cup at various meals, just for experience and play.  We always put water in these and she smiles and laughs when the cold stuff touches her tongue.

I guess the final note I’d say at this point, is that I completely understand why by 6 months of age, people want to “sleep train” their child.  I’m tired.  I’m tired of being woken in the middle of the night, I’m tired of crying when it’s time to try to go to sleep.   But Ben and I revisit our goals and desires with attachment parenting frequently, and we’re sticking with it.  Miss O still breast feeds 2-3 times every night and we’re still happily co-sleeping, despite our interrupted sleep schedule.  I am looking forward to the holiday craziness dying down, though, so that we can focus more on our own family’s routine at home rather than trying to cope through with different activities and schedules every day of the week.

Anyway… Merry Christmas and Hugs from Boston!  Blessings to you all in the New Year!!!