Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY baby wipes

So... I suppose I owe at least some of you a status update before I talk about DIY baby products.

We're 22 weeks pregnant today!  I've got a bit of a baby bump going... I mean, I think it's more than a bit.  But everyone at work very kindly says, "oh you ARE showing just a little!!!"  Ben, on the other hand says, "um... did you grow a belly over night?"  :-)  So yes, it's there.  Our little girl is definitely moving around and I can feel her, but she doesn't keep at it long enough for Ben to feel it (or maybe I can only feel it on the inside?).  I can't wait for it to be enough that he can feel it and participate in this excitement.

So this week, along with discovering, I'm thinking a little about ways that we'll DIY life both to make it healthier/more organic but also ways to save money rather than just simplying buying things mindlessly.  One thing that I've come across on my blog hunting is making your own baby wipes.  The top two/easiest "recipes" are here:

Kitchen Stewardship

Homemade Mamas

Of course, it would be more eco-wise to create/use something that isn't disposable, like this:

My Crazy Happy Life

hm... has anyone done this?  I continue to weigh the pros and cons of reusable (which means less landfills) and washable (which means more quarters required for the laundry in my basement... no one factors that in when they say that reusable is "cheaper.")

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