Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3 months old!!!

Baby O is officially 3 months old!  I should be writing down developmental milestones more frequently if I want to know for sure what is happening when... so forgive me if some of these things were included on my 2 month list.  But wow, she's changing so much!  She's a completely different little girl than she was a month or two ago.

Baby O smiles all the time, especially when you make funny faces at her.  Her vocalizations are really varied.  Sometimes she makes a little raspberry noise, other times high pitched squeals and other times low sweet giggles.  She loves looking at things.  Her world is really getting much wider-- since about 10 weeks, she looks at things completely across the room.  She looks at mobiles and things hanging from the ceiling.  And when she sees something new and unfamiliar, she stops everything and just stares!

In the last couple weeks, she's gotten really good with her hands (relatively).  She is opening her fist more often and when she does, she grabs for whatever she can reach.  Once it's in her hand, she puts it straight in her mouth!  I suppose that means I have to be careful what we put near her (Ben gave her a package of smarties... cute picture, but a bit scary).

She rolled over for the first time on 7/13/12!  She did it 3 times in a row.  Ben saw the first one and we both were there for the 2nd and 3rd.  I think she knew I'd want to prove it wasn't just a fluke.  All three times it was from stomach to back.  And then she promptly hasn't done it again... no matter how much I encourage her.  And in the last couple days, she's really hated tummy time at all, probably due to her little congested cold.

Ah, the cold.  Baby's first cold.  The dry cough started BEFORE daycare thank-you-very-much, but just after starting back to work on the 17th, she got a congested cough on the 18th.. and here we are a week later and it's still going.  *sigh*  The two things I've heard about colds are a) babies are supposed to get 5ish in the first year, so we're right on track AND b) if she gets all the germs now, she'll be super healthy and not miss a day of kindergarten.  So I suppose it's not the end of the world. :-)

Alright, you've done enough reading... you've earned your pictures...

With love, from Boston...

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