Thursday, August 16, 2012

8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home, week 2

So... needless to say, you probably noticed the delay in posting "week two" of this activity.  I actually only JUST FINALLY got the goods from week one to the goodwill drop off earlier this week!  I guess the return to work significantly slowed me down.  But I'm finally back on track and continuing on with week 2 now.  If you need the link to the original idea, you can find it here: 8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home. 

I'll also say, before I start my list and add my picture, that just about 12 months ago Ben and I did a significant overhaul on our living room.  We were very unhappy with it for the first year that he/we lived here.  So we decided if we were resigning our lease, we were going to spend the time and money to make the livingroom a place we wanted to be.  At that time, we literally emptied the entire contents of the living room into our spare bedroom (now nursery).  We repainted and only put things back into the living room that we actually wanted.  So I'm unsure how successful I'll be at coming up with the recommended 10 items on each day.

Challenge #6: Kitchen other (anything left untouched in the kitchen) - crock pot cook book, 3 pink vases, a red vase, a purple vase, a clear square vase, 2 round lightbulbs, a pack of ping pong balls, a wall outlet cover.
Challenge #7: Kitchen cook books and recipes - hm... I did cook books the day prior when I was doing "other."  So I used this day to clean out the cabinets under our fish tank.  It's technically in the livingroom, but all of the items stored there are extensions of our kitchen supplies.  Turns out I was hoarding WAY more vases than I realized.  I got rid of: 2 square vases, a round vase, 4 taller clear vases, a mismatched plate, a wicker basket, a silver flower pot, a set of 4 glass coasters, and a tall clear jar with holly print on it.
Challenge #8: Videos, DVDs, and CDs - We paired down a lot of this stuff about a year ago, so I was surpised that I could still get rid of: 16 writable CDs, a Nooma dvd, a fake fireplace dvd, a small CD/DVD case and a large handful of CDs that I won't list separately because it's embarrassing to realize what I used to listen to!!!
Challenge #9: Desk or work area - This area has truly gotten out of control over the last 12 months.  We never really "finished" the organization last summer.  So it's always a bit of a mess.  One of those "organized messes" that only we know where to find things?  I got rid of: a wooden box, a pack of markers, some stickers, a check book cover, a scientific calculator, a container of tiny erasers, two containers of hand sanitizer, an old phone, some tiny locks with keys, a couple of random keys that we don't know what they go to, a huge sharpie, and a key chain light from NU.
Challenge #10: Children's books (Day 1) - eh.  I'm not really willing to touch these right now.  The ones I have are either a) from my own childhood and have already been paired down to my favorites or b) new/hand me down gifts for Olivia.  As the daughter and granddaughter of a librarian, i'm impressed that I have less than 3 feet of bookshelf space with kids books on it.  And I'll call that "decluttered enough" thankyouverymuch!

So all in all, my week 2 loot looks like this:

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