Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby O was 10 months old!

Slightly less delayed... mama's been busy!

Miss O is doing so many more things now than she used to.  The biggest "thing" though, isn't an action, it's an INTERACTION!  O has always had a personality.  She has been a smiley, laughing baby throughout life.  But now we really watch her interact with us-- watch us, understand what we're saying, and react.  She loves to giggle and will repeat activities that make you laugh and then laugh along with you.  She also loves to cuddle and will curl up next to anyone on the couch or on the bed and push her head into yours and smile.

Motor wise, this girl is practically walking-- she holds onto your hands and then ZOOMS through the house on two feet, squealing the whole way.  She can move around the room, grabbing on to coffee tables and couches along the way.  And within the last few days, we've seen a few seconds at a time of independent standing.

Fine motor is also improving.  She definitely has a functional (if not yet perfect) pincer grasp.  She can pick up tiny items off the floor and put them in her mouth... a behavior we don't like.  And she can pick up tiny pieces of food and put them in her mouth... a behavior we DO like!  She's also gotten better at spoon feeding-- both tolerating us spoon feeding her and also attempting to spoon feed herself.  She's a total mess when she does it herself, but she's happy!

She eats just about anything you put in front of her.... cheese, scrambled eggs, chicken, pork, bacon, ground beef, yogurt, pureed fruits/veggies (from spoon or pouch), as well as hunks of fruits and veggies.  It's amazing!  If you really let her go, the food is actually GONE now a days, rather than just munched on, spit out, and pushed onto the floor.  But her all time favorite is little freeze dried yogurt drops.  They're like crack to her.  Once you feed her those, she won't eat anything else.  So they're served last. and only once a day. :-)

Enjoy the picks of my little darling.  She's amazing!

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  1. Re: "attempting to spoon feed herself. She's a total mess when she does it herself, but she's happy!" This child is so very happy! not just about feeding herself, but everything. That's one of the wonderful things about her!