Thursday, July 25, 2013

Toddler O is 15 months old!

I can't believe how fast time is flying these days.  Miss O is officially 15 months old!  There's been so many changes since the 1 year mark.  Let me see what I can recall...

Gross motor wise, I never thought I'd have a kid who played on a playground like this.  Miss O is walking and even running occasionally.  She climbs the stairs at the playground and loves to go down the slide backwards.  We have to really encourage her to go down forwards, but that makes sense to me, since she's been going down backwards off the bed and down stairs for months now.  She imitates movements like bouncing and dancing too.  She's just figuring out that she can march in place.  Legs aren't just for transportation... she can use them to do cool stuff!

Fine motor is beginning to teach us things about baby proofing as well.  Miss O, of course, has been feeding herself for a while.  She holds her own straw cup and can even push the little button that raises/lowers the lid.  She LOVES to use a fork to spear and bring food to her mouth.  And her little picky fingers can find the ONE piece of dirt on the whole sidewalk.  No problems with this girl's vision either. :-)

We're essentially weaned from a bottle completely, using straw cup for water only.  Miss O still nurses in the morning before I go to work and over night, but she is using real adult food for her primary nutrition!  Her weight gain has been good and she's stablized out at the 25th%ile.  Looks like she has more "small" genes from mama than "tall" genes from daddy and mama's grandparents.  Her favorite foods are still the basics - cheese and yogurt.  No way this girl could go full time Paleo or vegan.  But she's actually tried some new stuff recently too... things that I'm really proud of like raw baby spinach and oven roasted brussel sprouts.  She doesn't eat those EVERY day, but it's certainly more often than not that she's happy as a clam eating whatever we're eating.  She also eats scrambled egg with spinach almost every morning. And much to her mama's liking, the new pediatrician we saw at 15 months said only the following about her iron intake, "She eats meat?  She's fine.  She goes like the energizer bunny."

Oh! And I almost forgot to talk about talking!  Way to go, SLP mama... :-)  Miss O is gradually building her vocabulary.  First word was "uh-oh" if you count it as a word.  Next came "ga" consistently used for CAT both pointing at our cat and at a kitty in a magazine.  Now she also says mama and dadda (though not consistently), hi & bye (though they often sound the same) and is beginning to imitate a few other words inconsistently.  In sign, she says "all done," "more," and "help" with cute little approximations.  She also waves bye and blows kisses.  We're trying to add a sign for "water" to the vocab, though since she's headed off to day care soon, I don't know how well it will carryover...

More on the pediatrician later.  It's been quite the ordeal between the 9, 12, and 15 month visits at Children's Hospital Boston. For now, the pics.  Someone reminded me a long time ago now not JUST to save the happy, smiling pictures.  Some day, I'll be thrilled that I remembered these adorably sad moments too...

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