Friday, February 10, 2012

Maybe THIS is nesting?

I still struggle with knowing whether or not I'm "nesting."  It might have started when I was painting every room in the house... but that was just finishing a project from before I was even pregnant.  Or it could have been the day of winterizing the windows, but we do that every year.  The next "nesting" thing that I'm doing isn't really nesting either. 

So Ben and I receive veggies every other week from this awesome program called Boston Organics.  We get awesome food that we love to eat.  But sometimes (especially when pregnant) I feel lazy about the foods and don't get enough of them fixed up and they go bad in our fridge before we can get to it all.  Well this week, I've been making a STRONG effort to use up the veggies! 

Simultaneously, though, I've been thinking about some of the "Once A Month Cooking" I've read about online and also thinking about mommy-blogs who talk about how hard it is to get the motivation to cook in the first couple weeks home from the hospital after giving birth.  Thus, I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone and cook up those veggies in ways we'll appreciate and then freeze the results for consumption in April and May!

Take a look at my results thus far:

This is a carrot/parsnip soup I was working on Thurs night in the crock pot.  Threw them in there with some water, seasonings, celery, onion, garlic, and curry... tonight's project will be to puree it and get it in containers for the freezer.  Then it's just a thaw-and-eat that Ben and I can pull out whenever!

Here's some zucchini bread muffins.  The zucchini was actually already in our freezer, pureed/chopped up from last summer/fall, but I got it out and made the muffins on Thurs night as well.  After they flash freeze on the pan (so that they're all separate), I'll throw 'em in a gallon sized ziplock and they can be brought out a few at a time for re-heating in the toaster oven.  Yummy breakfast and snack foods!

And here's the two soups from earlier in the week.  On the left side is the chicken soup- just add noodles when you defrost it and that container will make 4-5 servings of yummy, organic chicken noodle soup with carrots, celery, and onion.  And on the right side is a baked potato soup.  The advice I got online was to freeze it without the dairy products, 'cause it would re-heat better.  So it needs a bit more work on defrosting.  But I think Ben will like it more, so it's worth it. :-)

I'd like to start working on some other items besides soups too-- maybe some pre-seasoned meats that could just be dethawed and cooked by Ben or even some other bread products.  All of the Once a Month Cooking websites talk about premaking and defrosting pancakes and the like... but I'm worried they just won't turn out.

Anyone have personal experience or advice for me?


  1. A pot roast with veggies would be a good thing to freeze (I actually did this recently).
    Breakfast Idea that freezes pretty well and nice because it has veggies and protein:

    I still want to try this since it would be an easy lunch/late dinner idea for the hubby:

  2. Hey Naomi! Thanks for the links! I'm going to look into some of those recipes and tips more... VERY helpful!