Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Healthy Baby requires a Healthy Mama!

So as many of you know, bi-weekly (or is it semi-weekly... I always forget how to use those terms) I receive a fruit and vegetable delivery from  What a great company, btw!  They're reliable and definitely a great cost-effective, easy choice for me to make to take one step towards organic and healthy living.

This week in my Organics box, I got celery.  I'm ashamed to say that two weeks ago when the celery arrived, I let it sit in my fridge, unused, and it ended up going bad.  But I refused to let that happen again! Thus, tonight I decided to make some cream of celery soup to put away.  I'm using a slight variation on this recipe, from The Humbled Homemaker.  I, of course, am tripling the volume so I have some to use this week if I want and some to put up in the freezer for later.  I'm using up the end of some milk that is just about to go bad, so it feels like a frugal choice.  And I'm also using my own home made veggie broth in it instead of chicken broth.  One step closer to organic, healthy, and home made!  Finally, I'm using more celery than she calls for, and I'm going to puree it too, 'cause I like it creamy and smooth and my celery mincing and garlic chopping was more coarse than it probably should have been.

In the future, I can use my homemade cream of celery soup as a base for all kinds of casseroles, cooked veggies and chicken dishes.  Sure, these aren't "baby foods"... but for the next year or so as I breastfeed (or pump and bottle feed breast milk if necessary), my food IS the baby food.  So as the title says, a healthy baby requires a healthy mama!

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