Sunday, October 23, 2011

BPA free? What else you got?

So sure... BPA is bad. We got that news a few years ago. But when my patients at work ask me, "what bottle system would YOU choose?" I always wish I had a better answer which was more earth friendly than the average. The next step up is glass. Not only is glass BPA free, but it's also free of any other toxins in plastic we don't yet know about. And using glass bottles fits with the face that Ben and I stopped using plastic Tupperware containers last year too. We just really feel we want to minimize the plastic in our lives.

But glass bottles have their downfalls too. In my recent search, I've come across a new possibility. What about stainless steel? I mean, it's the preferred material for adult bottles these days, why not kiddos too? Check these out:

stainless Steel bottles by Pura! They are unbreakable, toxin free, and adaptable to grow with our little Olive until he or she is a toddler and beyond!

Thoughts? We just might be crazy enough to break out of the box and try 'Em...


  1. Amanda! Congrats to you and Ben on your little!!! How exciting! I read your post and thought you may be interested in this:

    Jimmy and his brothers grew up with the family that makes these. They are hand made right in the town he grew up in. For anyone wanting to go green these are awesome. It is a little bit of an investment to get started but the savings overall and the no disposing ideas are great.

    Will we see you guys while we are there in Nov?

  2. Wow that's ingenious. I checked out the web site and it said it is compatible with nipples and spouts from a variety of manufacturers. That sounds like a great product. I love the colors too.

  3. cute site, Lynn! Thanks for the tip!

    We might swing by in November during your trip, but we'll be in Montreal for turkey day itself. Last vaca pre-baby!

  4. I hope we get to see you! We will be there 10 days - the 19th to the 29th. Congrats to you two!!!!