Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dave Ramsey would be SO FRICKIN' PROUD!

I cannot stop smiling about how much of a deal I got today.  So some how (maybe craigslist???) I ran into an ad for this event at an organization called Parent Talk in Needham.  Basically, twice a year, they host a HUGE rummage sale aimed at ages 0-8 years.  The sale runs at typical yard sale prices from 10am-11:45am.  Then at 12:00, they switch over to a "bag sale" where anything you can fit inside a brown paper grocery bag you get for $10 total for the bag.  Well, T.E. (soon to be T.B.... if she's taking his name, that is...) went with me today to scope out the sale at 11:15 and to do some MONDO shopping at 12:00 sharp.  And look what we came up with!!!

In case you can't tell from the picture, that includes:

1 baby bath tub
1 bouncy seat
1 boppy
1 changing table top pad
9 board books
7 cloth books
6 other random cloth toys
5 hats
11 bibs
2 blankies
3 maternity tops
1 maternity pants
20 onsies
10 cotton/light weight sleepers
5 warm/fuzzy sleepers
9 light weight sleep sacks
25 pairs of pants
6 kimono/wrap tops
4 sweaters
4 other longsleeved tops
1 bathrobe
1 pair of socks

If my (really bad) math is correct, I think thats 133 items... 

wanna guess how much I spent?!?!?!

Oh yeah... $36.00 even.  Not a penny more or less! 

T.E. and I totaled up what the sale prices were if I'd shopped before the 12:00 bag sale.  That alone was $200+.  And when we estimated what the likely retail price was of these items, we felt it was highly likely over $1,500.  

I pretty much feel like a rock star.  And you can bet I'm joining whatever listserv I need to be on in order to be alerted of the next sale.  If they do this twice a year, I think I've found my only necessary source of kids clothes, toys, etc for the next few years.  


  1. This is fantastic! And I'm not surprised. You can take care of yourself and your kids very cheaply. It CAN be done! 25 pairs of PANTS?

  2. You're an amazing Proverbs 31 woman. Benjamin is blessed. I can't wait to come and see them all. Hey leave something for the grammies to buy :)

  3. We're pretty sure that math works out to $0.27 per item.