Monday, October 24, 2011

Maternity Clothes

So tonight's obsession is about how the heck I'm gonna make it through the pregnancy without spending a fortune on maternity clothes. It doesn't make sense to me to buy a bunch of new stuff for several reasons. First, I'll only wear the stuff a few months, and then they're back in a box for years (or ever?) until I... what... have another? That's so not something we're even gonna discuss right now. Secondly, what a WASTE of money!!!

Thus, I'm really keeping my eyes peeled for interesting ways to keep my maternity expenses down. Right now, I'm using the 'rubber band trick' which, from what I can tell, most moms know about. (Where did we learn this stuff before the internet?) And things like Belly Bands, of course, make a lot of sense to stretch my 'normal' pants a few more weeks/months (I'm ordering mine tonight, because they were out of my size at Isis this weekend). But what other ideas can I find or think of?

Turns out, there's a lot of great ideas out there on the internet! Who would have thought?!?! Take a look: shows how to turn two shirts that are too-short into one that's long enough. It's actually brilliant for tees and for tanks. The question is, are the bright, contrasting colors too cheesy? Maybe putting a neutral like tan or black in the middle would make sense for work. shows how to take one larger shirt and turn it into a slightly tighter one. Hm... might require a trip to good will, especially if I don't want to just steal all of Ben's shirts. ;-)'s ribbon tied top

and finally, here's a couple top patterns that honestly, while I have the skill for, I probably just won't take the time:'s men's button down top

Any other ideas for me???


  1. You won't need that much! I would suggest find 2-3 quality bottoms at thrift stores (Savers in West Roxbury should be your first stop) then buy 8-10 nice tops to mix and match for work. You won't need a coat -- because you'll never get cold. Check Craigs list, consignment shops and your mom friends. I think it is very doable to get what you need very cheaply.

  2. I know that you are trying to save money and resources, and believe me I completely feel you on that. BUT, I think you should get maternity pants. I held out till 12 weeks and the second I put them on I wondered what took me so long. They were amazing. So, so comfortable. In the future I plan to start wearing them as soon as I see a double pink line.

  3. Great tips, guys! Keep 'em coming!