Friday, November 4, 2011

Gender reveal party!


Today has been a pretty exciting day. Ben and I decided that our first ultrasound (at 10 weeks) was anticlimactic, so rather than find out the gender of our little olive at the second ultrasound, we would host a gender reveal party!

It's gonna be hilarious and ridiculous, I'm sure. And if I had more energy tonight, I'd post pictures from a variety of other parties I've seen online. But due to my exhaustion, I'll let you go look it up yourself on pininterest or google images or something.

BUT the exciting news is that we told my parents about the party and my dad bought my mom a plane ticket to fly in for the party!!!! Isn't that the best? My dad is pretty awesome. As my (not so little any more) friend, CW in Milwaukee says, "Jeff Whitmill? I love that guy!"

Okay. I now release you to the intranets for gender reveal party hunting. But before you go... Tell me what the likelihood is that baby won't cooperate and my poor mom comes from MN and wwe don't know the gender...


  1. This is the week!!!!! Woooo hooooo! Im praying our little angel doesn't get too shy for pictures. Either way, it will still be fun and we will have a story to tell. The biggest miracle will be if Benjamin doesn't peek in the envelope. hee hee. I know for sure that I couldn't be trusted with it :) I cant stand the suspense!

  2. That is so cool!!! I know a couple that just did the same thing - I'd never heard about it before! They had the ultrasound done a few days before her birthday, so they had the tech put the results in an envelope. They went to a bakery and had a birthday cake made for her and told the baker to make the inside of the cake the gender color. So, when the birthday song rang out, and they cut the cake - they then found out what they were having. It was soooo awesome!!!!! I'm sure you will come up with some great idea yourself Amanda - your quite creative, and I can't wait to hear about it when we get there!!! You guys will be awesome parents, and I'm confident James will have a great cousin to share life with!!