Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dinner Delivery

One of the most amazing gifts that a post-partum mom can receive is support from her community in the weeks following the birth.  For some, that means coming over and loading the dishwasher or folding the laundry.  But for many, it's food delivery.  My church community has been amazing, circling around those of us who are having babies this spring (and there are many!) by putting together online sign up sheets for people to bring meals for several weeks after the birth.  These meal deliveries are a God-send, truly, as I just don't have to think about what to make for that meal.  I mean, I have ingredients at my house to cook, and I enjoy cooking... but it's nice to literally just have something mindless (and tasty) to eat.

That having been said... and without disrespecting my local friends and loved ones in my church community, I was both stunned and THRILLED when I answered the doorbell on Tuesday evening to find this box:

That's right, one of my BFFs from college (in Chicago, IL) sent me a Giordano's spinach pizza.  They cook it most of the way, put it on dry ice, and then ship it all over the US.  AMAZING!  It was one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things I could think of.  First of all, I love Giordano's pizza.  Secondly, free, pre-prepared food is so wonderful right now.  But third, the gift was something that my friend had put a lot of thought into-- buying something that brought back great memories of the two of us hanging out over the years.

I guess I tell the story mostly to document the memory for myself.  But I also tell it to advise you all that you don't have to be near your loved one to show them love during the post-partum phase.  It's possible to think of something truly wonderful from afar that is just as useful as those gifts we receive from people who are geographically close to us.

Love and Pizza from Boston...

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  1. Pizza for dinner. Gotta love it. Wish they did meal delivery services here in my city.