Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three Weeks!

Today Baby O is 3 weeks old.  I wouldn't say that the other shoe has dropped YET... but she definitely is getting old enough to show us some personality.  She's having more fussiness in the last week or so than she did in the first couple weeks.  It's still pretty clear what's hunger.  And wet/dirty diapers are fairly obvious too.  But then there's another fussiness that's hard to figure out.  Sometimes it's instantly solved by swaddling and rocking, but other times it waxes/wanes for about an hour before she finally falls asleep.  I'm also trying to be more conscious about her sleep schedule... not that we're on a "schedule" at all.  But in the first couple weeks, her long burst of sleep (4 hours) was definitely at night.  And now I'm noticing that she'll go 3.5-4 hours during the day... but we're really only doing 2.5-3 hours over night.  Not a good habit to be forming!

Anyway, Love from Boston!

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