Thursday, June 7, 2012

6 weeks!

Hello out there!

I'll probably stop the weekly pictures soon and replace them with monthly pics.  But I thought this one deserved a special post.  Today was our 6 week post-partum visit with the midwife.  Got a clean bill of health and I don't need to see her (unless something comes up) for another year... I'm gonna stay with the midwife practice for my girly needs moving forward and will only see my PCP (who used to do my girly stuff for me) on an as-needed basis for my other general medical needs.  I figure I wasn't ever really good at seeing the PCP annually anyway, so if the midwives see me annually, I might not see the PCP at all really... (though I'm sure the midwives would discourage that habit of not seeing a PCP regularly).

Anyway, little Ms. O is 6 weeks old as of yesterday and doing GREAT!  This week she's officially started the "social smile."  If Ben or I makes funny faces/noises and then starts talking to her, she smiles with her whole darn face.  It's adorable.  She's also occasionally looking toward items that are making noise-- they have to be pretty close and she has to be in the right mood, but it's happening.  And the other new development is that she's increasing her variety of sounds-- she has a little yell/scream that sounds like a "faker cry" to me.  She uses it when she wants attention but she isn't particularly upset about anything.  Oh!  And her head control is getting awesome!  When laying on my chest or sitting upright in my lap, she can hold her head up for up to 30 seconds sometimes.  My daughter is a genius!

Took this one yesterday:

Love from Boston!

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