Monday, June 18, 2012

The dark side of "reusing."

" one estimate, used clothing is now the United States’ number one export by volume..."  


Take a look here:

The Afterlife of Cheap Clothes

It makes me think that I might possibly never shop in a 1st hand clothing store again.  Why would I when I have such awesome resources here in Boston for 2nd hand clothing anyway?  Some of my current favorites:

Goodwill - close, convenient, easy to drop off things I don't want or need anymore.

Savers - a little bit farther out of the way from my house, but in comparison to my local Goodwill, they sort their store more, so I can more quickly find exactly what I'm looking for-- a certain size, a certain length of sleeve, etc.  And they have member discounts frequently.  Discounts at a 2nd hand store?  Now you're talking my language...

Kid to Kid - a franchise 2nd hand store, focused on children.  Interesting.  And a very accessible website.  

Two Little Monkeys - like supporting local businesses?  This is your gold mine.  She closed the shop on father's day!  How cute is that?

Boomerangs - like your proceeds to go to a good cause?  Check out Boomerangs!

Where do you do your 2nd hand shopping?

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