Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 weeks...

I confess.  I lost my energy this week for intentionally taking a picture in the bassinet.  But I did take a couple pics yesterday on Olivia's official 7th week birthday.  She's getting SO BIG!  I can't believe it.  As I told my boss earlier this week, we're switching over from just trying to eat/sleep/survive into trying to figure out how to do those things along with returning to normal life activities.  I'm working on scheduling at least one thing per day out of the house so that I get comfortable traveling around with her and so that I'm getting at least a little physical exercise beyond moving from the kitchen to the living room. :-)

Yesterday Baby O played on the playmat her Jefe picked out for her.  The excitement this week is that when she lays there, she makes eye contact with herself in the mirror hanging above her head and smiles at herself.  Take a look:

Of course... doing all that playing and looking and smiling is tough work.  Some people needed a nap afterwards...

Love from Boston!

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