Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Time Mom by Dr. Kevin Leman

A year or two ago, I read Sex Begins in the Kitchen by Dr. Kevin Leman during the first months/years of marriage that we all know can be so hard.  I recall liking it, especially because of it's Christian edge.

Thus, when I found First Time Mom by Dr. Kevin Leman on the shelf at my local branch library I was really excited!  So I brought it home and it went in the pile to be read.  And I finally got to it this week!

Dr. Leman is good... I like most of what he has to say.  But in terms of useful books for me right now, this one wasn't.  The scope of the book was too long and broad... talking about both the first 10 days at home as well as toddlerhood and what to teach your child about baby #2 when/if it comes.  I also got a little frustrated with it's constant clarifying tone about how everything in the book was true with both birth children and adoptive children.  Sure, mention that once or twice... but in every single chapter... it got old.

I would recommend this book to you if you're looking for one of a couple things:

a) Something to read while pregnant before you bring baby home... the first two chapters were certainly "too late" for me (Welcome Home and the First 10 Days), and the 3rd chapter (Eating, Sleeping, Crying) was all pretty familiar too.

b) You're looking for encouragement to stay home instead of working.  Chapter 6 (To Work or Not to Work) definitely argues for mom to stay home... and then makes a decent argument that if mom can't, dad should.

I would not recommend the book if you're looking for biblical references for any of this... the thing I was most disappointed about.  He discusses "Christian values" but doesn't site anything in the bible.  Disappointing to me.

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