Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The frugal side of "Reusing"

I'm happily spending part of my maternity leave doing my best to be a frugal mama.  This feels especially salient to me as I enter the half of my maternity leave that is unpaid!  I've become obsessed with craigslist as well as the JP Moms, Garden Moms, and DotMoms groups on Big Tent.  I stalk the classifieds for free items that can be of use to me... sort of obsessively... maybe too often. :-)

But this spring, I've successfully brought home 3 trashbags of infant clothes, a boppy, a breast friend, a nursing stool, an infant travel bed, an (unused) nursing sports bra, and a pack of 30 size 1 diapers... FOR FREE.  All I had to do was go to the person's house and pick them up!

On the other hand, at 7 weeks old, Baby O is getting big enough that she's outgrown some of her clothes as well as a few of the house hold items that we acquired for her arrival.  Thus, I'm also selling some of my own items on the same sites!  I've sold tiny gdiapers that she's outgrown, a bag or two of unisex newborn sized clothes, and a spare playmat that she doesn't need since she ended up with two.  And I've brought in $70 and a gallon of organic milk in return!  Not bad, eh?

I've got many other items posted and am hoping to continue the trend of buying or obtaining for cheap/free and re-selling the items after Olivia gently uses them.  In this way, I hope I can continue to minimize the cost of having my little treasure and teach myself (and others) that providing for your child doesn't have to be a million dollar industry.  I love that I'm keeping things out of landfills, reducing the USA's overall consumption, and also connecting with some other moms near by in the process!

In what ways do you benefit from hand-me-downs and "reusing" with your kids?

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