Friday, June 15, 2012

Good Karma

Last fall I wrote a short post on a company I'd discovered called Thred Up, which was an online clothing swap company.  Well, without ever using the service even once, I've discovered this week that they have changed their business model and no longer are doing swaps.  Instead, they're now a platform for consignment!  Interesting change.  I wonder how they're business is doing now with the switch.

Anyway, I've meanwhile found another interesting "reused" children's clothing site.  And given that I seem to be writing about reduce, reuse, recycle this week, I thought I'd share it all with you!  Warning, I've not used this service and I have no attachment to them... I'd love to hear from any of you who have/will though!

Good Karma is a web based business where you can, for a small monthly fee, get a rotating wardrobe for your wee one.  It seems like a great idea, as baby clothes are rarely ever "worn out" before their out grown.  Sure, it's not the most frugal option -- and since I have frugal options at my finger tips, I'm more likely to pursue those than this -- but for a mama who feels reusing and reducing our overall consumption is important but doesn't have the budget restraints that I have, this might be an excellent option!

I also love that they have a system for your church/school/organization to host a fundraiser by donating gently used baby clothes toward Good Karma.  Maybe I should consider this with some of the organizations with which I work!

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